Consultation on a draft National Gene Drive Policy Guide is now open

A National Gene Drive Policy Guide has been developed to explain how gene drive technology and organisms are regulated, and additional considerations proponents must be aware of. Consultation on the guide is now open until 3 March 2024.

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The draft National Gene Drive Policy Guide will:

  • give proponents of gene drive technology greater regulatory certainty
  • help them understand the risk considerations that apply.

To develop the guide, all Australian governments and experts from research and industry have been consulted.

The guide forms part of the response to the Third Review of the National Gene Technology Scheme. The review recommended ‘clarifying, and where necessary strengthening, the mechanisms for regulating the environmental release of GM gene drive organisms in Australia’ (Recommendation 7b). All Australian governments endorsed the review on 11 October 2018.

The consultation has been designed to gather comprehensive and diverse perspectives. Community and stakeholder feedback on the draft guide will contribute to an improved understanding of gene drive regulation.

Consultation on the draft guide is open until 11:59 pm AEDT, 3 March 2024.

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