The National Gene Technology Scheme

The National Gene Technology Scheme is a collaboration between all Australian governments, supporting a nationally consistent regulatory system for gene technology in Australia.


Gene technology provides ways to make changes to genes the sets of instructions in the cells of all living creatures.

Gene technology is an important research tool to investigate how the function of specific genes might be adjusted to create specialized medicines vaccines and other products to help fight diseases and assist agricultural crops to be more productive.

The use and application of gene technology is the responsibility of all Australian states and territories through the National Gene Technology Scheme.

The object of the scheme is to protect the health and safety of people and to protect the environment from risks associated with genetically modified organisms.

This intergovernmental approach involves all Australian governments in decisions relating to gene technology and helps ensure international consistency with Australia's global obligations.

The scheme is regularly reviewed and strengthened to respond to the ongoing development of new and emerging techniques and gene technologies.

Further information is available on the National Gene Technology Scheme website.

Overview of the scheme in Australia

Learn about Australia's National Gene Technology Scheme and how gene technology and genetically modified organisms are regulated in Australia.

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