Gene Technology Ministers’ Meeting

The Gene Technology Ministers’ Meeting governs the operation of the National Gene Technology Scheme and the activities of the Gene Technology Regulator.


The Gene Technology Ministers’ Meeting (GTMM) is established under the intergovernmental Gene Technology Agreement 2001. It governs the operation of the National Gene Technology Scheme and the activities of the Gene Technology Regulator.

Terms of reference

Previously known as the Gene Technology Ministerial Council and then the Legislative and Governance Forum on Gene Technology, the GTMM:


The GTMM is comprised of ministers with responsibility for gene technology from all Australian governments. Members represent all portfolios with an interest in gene technology within their jurisdiction. They are responsible for agreeing a 'whole of government' position on issues the GTMM consider. This makes sure that the national scheme is robust and represents multiple policy and stakeholder perspectives.

MemberJurisdictionBackground and experience
The Hon. Ged Kearney MPAustralian GovernmentAssistant Minister for Health and Aged Care
The Hon. Emma Davidson MLAACTMinister for Community Services, Seniors and Veterans
Minister for Corrections and Justice Health
Minister for Mental Health
Minister for Population Health
The Hon. Tara Moriarty MLCNSWMinister for Agriculture
Minister for Regional New South Wales
Minister for Western New South Wales
The Hon. Mark Monaghan MLANTMinister for Mining
Minister for Agribusiness and Fisheries
Minister for Education
The Hon. Leanne Linard MPQldMinister for Environment and the Great Barrier Reef
Minister for Science
Minister for Multicultural Affairs
The Hon. Chris Picton MPSAMinister for Health and Wellbeing
The Hon. Jane Howlett MPTasMinister for Primary Industries and Water
Minister for Racing
The Hon. Mary-Anne ThomasVicMinister for Health
Minister for Health Infrastructure
Minister for Medical Research
The Hon. Jackie Jarvis MLCWAMinister Agriculture and Food 
Minister for Forestry
Minister for Small Business


The GTMM usually holds at least one face to face or virtual meeting each year. Issues are considered out of session wherever possible.


Related committees or groups

The Gene Technology Standing Committee is a group of senior officials that supports the GTMM.


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