About the National Gene Technology Scheme review and consultation process

Regular reviews of the National Gene Technology Scheme make sure it is meeting its goals and keeping up with advances in gene technology. Learn more about our review and consultation processes, including current reviews and how to get involved.

Why we have reviews

The National Gene Technology Scheme relies on many groups working well together, including:

  • the Australian Government and state and territory governments
  • various policy areas of those governments – particularly those looking after health, the environment, agriculture, research and industries
  • regulators other than the Gene Technology Regulator – such as those looking after therapeutic goods, foods, pesticides, veterinary medicines, industrial chemicals and biosecurity matters
  • universities and research organisations
  • users of the regulatory scheme.

The gene technology landscape is also constantly evolving, as new techniques and applications become available.

With so many working parts and stakeholders, reviews help ensure that everything is working as it should. Consultation is an important tool to inform policy development and effective regulation. The reviews provide stakeholders the chance to raise any problems with the scheme that need addressing.

The intergovernmental Gene Technology Agreement requires regular reviews of the scheme.

Reviews focus on the operation of the scheme and how well it is meeting its purpose. They may include recommendations for:

  • improvements to the operation or governance of the scheme
  • amendments to the Act and related state and territory legislation.

Learn more about the reviews done so far.

How reviews work

Starting a review

The Gene Technology Ministers’ Meeting (GTMM), supported by the Gene Technology Standing Committee (GTSC), determine the focus of a review and develop terms of reference.

Different areas of expertise may be required to inform the review, such as:

  • plant gene technology
  • medical gene technology
  • animal gene technology
  • environmental matters
  • legal issues.

An expert advisory panel may be established to provide this independent advice.

Wide ranging consultation

When reviews happen there is extensive consultation to:

  • obtain stakeholder views
  • ensure stakeholders can participate in developing solutions that may impact them
  • let stakeholders know about any proposed changes.

There are often several phases of consultation, so stakeholders have multiple opportunities to have a say. Consultation also helps develop workable solutions to what are often multi-perspective issues.

The review process

In general, the review process aims to:

  • identify and agree what the problems are
  • work together to develop practical solutions
  • engage with stakeholders to make sure proposed solutions address the problems identified.

Outcomes and recommendations

Once the consultation phases are complete, a report is prepared, including recommendations for consideration and endorsement by the GTMM.

The GTMM may also consider possible ways to implement their recommendations.

Current reviews and consultations

There are no current reviews or consultations.

Future consultations will be available on the Consultation Hub.

Get involved

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