Past National Gene Technology Scheme reviews and consultations

We regularly review the National Gene Technology Scheme. Find out about the reviews done to date and the outcomes and recommendations made.

The review process

The National Gene Technology Scheme is regularly reviewed. Learn more about why we have them and how the process works.

Past reviews

There have been 3 reviews of the scheme since it began in 2001.

The first 2 reviews focused on the operation of the scheme and whether it was meeting its purpose, rather than on more technical issues.

The third review looked at modernising and future proofing the scheme. It aimed to improve and strengthen the scheme’s effectiveness, while making sure it is appropriately agile and supports innovation.

Past consultations

Consultation on draft National Gene Drive Policy Guide

Consultation to inform the development of a National Gene Drive Policy Guide is now closed. We are asked for your input to improve the guidance material for potential users of gene drive technology.

Learn more about this consultation

Other related reviews

Technical reviews of the Gene Technology Regulations are done by the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR). Read about their 2019 review on the National Library of Australia’s web archive.

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