2011 – Second review

The second review of the National Gene Technology Scheme focused on the scheme itself and whether it was still meeting its purpose.

The second review

The Allen Consulting Group was engaged to review the Gene Technology Act 2000 in 2011, and report to the then Gene Technology Ministerial Council (now the Gene Technology Ministers’ Meeting). The review looked at:

  • emerging trends
  • international developments in biotechnology and its regulation
  • the efficiency and effectiveness of the operation of the Act across the national scheme
  • how the Act related to other legislation and schemes.

Read the terms of reference of the review.

Key findings

The review found that:

  • the national scheme is effective and efficient
  • the Act is working well, although there are aspects of its implementation at state and territory level that need attention to improve national consistency
  • the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator (OGTR) is operating in an effective and efficient manner
  • current consultation processes in relation to applications under the Act are working well
  • the OGTR is working well with other regulatory agencies
  • the OGTR is providing a rigorous, highly transparent regulatory system.

The reviewers made 16 recommendations – minor and technical changes to the Act – to make gene technology regulation more efficient, effective and clear.

Read the final report and response from all governments for more details.

Consultation submissions

Submissions were received from:

  • industry
  • government agencies
  • researchers
  • non-government agencies
  • the public.

Read the submissions.

Final report

Read the:

2011 review – Final report

The second review of the Gene Technology Act 2000 was done in 2011. This report outlines the results of the review and includes 16 recommendations.

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